Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating. And building a complete home gym can be expensive. Luckily, choosing a healthier lifestyle with affordable and space-efficient gym equipment for beginners is easy.

The best thing about investing in exercise equipment is you can work out at your pace. Fitness rookies can also choose a combination of equipment or machines for cardio, strength and muscle-building benefits.

So, without further ado, here are some at-home equipment that beginners like you can consider for the most effective workouts.

1. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are ideal gym equipment for beginners who want to maintain a healthy weight and build muscles.

You can use a pair of dumbbells for a wide range of exercises that match your fitness level, too.

Some examples are bicep curls, triceps extensions, shoulder or chest presses, and dumbbell flys. These beginner dumbbell exercises should help you get started, too.

Moreover, you do not need electricity or Wi-Fi connection to use them.

However, I recommend getting adjustable dumbbells. These are best if you are unsure how much weight you can handle.

They are easy to store and do not take up as much space.

Also, as you continue your dumbbell training, you’ll find it easier to switch to heavier loads with adjustable weights than fixed ones.

2. Adjustable Bench

If you plan to add dumbbells to your home gym, an adjustable weight bench is the perfect complementary exercise equipment.

This accessory should broaden your dumbbell workout options and make exercise variations easier and safer.

You can move the bench from room to room or even outdoors, making it an excellent piece of equipment for small home gyms.

Investing in a weight bench is also ideal for beginners needing sufficient body support while training to lift weights correctly.

And when ready, you can use the same bench for your barbell training.

Check out this article for more tips on using and maximising your weight bench.

Kettlebell Home Workout

3. Kettlebells

Not too keen on dumbbell workouts? Use kettlebells instead.

A wide variety of kettlebells is available, making it easy to find one or a set that best fits your fitness level.

Kettlebells are also compact and suitable for limited home gym spaces.

This gym equipment for beginners is excellent for muscle building, too, particularly your back, core and lower body.

Learning how to use a kettlebell properly is a must, considering that exercises like swings, cleans, and snatches are more dynamic and explosive.

But after that, adding them to your workout plan should make your routine fun and challenging.

This comparison article on dumbbells and kettlebells might help if you’re struggling to choose between the two.

4. Pull-Up Bar

Installing a pull-up bar at home is a good idea if you’re into strength training and looking for beginner-friendly gym equipment.

Doorway, wall and ceiling pull-up bar types are reasonably priced and space-efficient.

Either can work your upper body, particularly your back, shoulder and arm muscles.

And while pull-ups are a bit advanced for newbies, other exercise variations fit your fitness level.

You can even perform beginner pull-up moves that target your abs.

Before getting this workout equipment, I recommend assessing your space and ensuring you have room for the ideal pull-up bar height.

You can also apply these tips for installing pull-up bars in spaces with low ceilings.

5. Medicine Ball

The medicine or exercise ball is one of the best gym equipment for beginners because of its versatility.

You can use it to stabilise your core, strengthen your upper body, power up your leg muscles, or improve your balance and coordination.

Russian twists, squats, lunges, and box jumps with a medicine ball will boost your heart rate fast.

Aside from getting a full-body workout, you can also use medicine balls for group training.

Medicine balls are available in various weights and sizes, too.

And so, it should be easy to find one that matches your fitness capacity.

Resistance Band Home Workout

6. Resistance Bands

Resistance band workouts are ideal if you are new to strength training and not yet comfortable working out with weights or intense exercises.

This portable gym equipment for beginners can gradually increase your strength and prep the body for more advanced moves.

Exercise bands also come in a wide range of resistance levels.

The full-size ones are perfect for arm and shoulder workouts, while loop or mini resistance bands suit leg exercises more.

You can get both types if you like and target different muscle groups.

Alternatively, you may also consider getting a portable home gym with resistance bands included.

That way, you can perform various exercises with one piece of equipment.

7. Aerobic Stepper or Plyo Box

Are you into dancing? It’s a fun and low-impact cardio exercise that fits newbies and seniors.

You can also use a step bench or aerobic stepper and do step-ups for a levelled-up dance workout.

Step-ups are unilateral moves where you step your leg alternately on an elevated surface or platform.

It’s an easy exercise that virtually anyone can do.

Best of all, it strengthens your lower body, burns calories and improves your balance in one go.

When getting an aerobic stepper, choose one with an adjustable height and angle for added exercise intensity and variety.

Better yet, consider investing in a plyo box. Like a step bench, this option is affordable and easy to store.

However, it’s higher than most step benches, making step-ups, calf raises, and box jumps more challenging.

It’s a piece of good gym equipment for beginners and regular gym-goers who want to switch to home workouts.

8. Exercise Bike

Another excellent gym equipment for beginners with a minimal footprint is the exercise or stationary bike.

It’s perfect for cycling enthusiasts or those into low-impact cardio workouts.

Indoor cycling is joint-friendly, making exercise bikes perfect for seniors. Riders with weight issues will also appreciate this machine, as 30 minutes of moderate cycling can burn 210-294 calories.

Most stationary bike models come with adjustable resistance, so it’s easy to keep progressing or diversify your workouts.

Different types of exercise bikes are available to suit your fitness level, too.

And compared with treadmills, indoor exercise bikes are cheaper and more space-efficient.

You can read this exercise bike vs treadmill comparison to learn more.

Treadmill Home Workout

9. Treadmill

Gym equipment for beginners is not limited to anything small and portable.

You can also consider investing in cardio machines like the ever-popular treadmill.

It’s a good option for those who enjoy walking, jogging or running but prefer to do it indoors at any time.

Depending on your machine’s features, you can adjust the treadmill speed and incline for workout diversity.

Treadmill workouts can make your heart stronger and your blood pressure lower. A 30-minute treadmill run can also burn around 350-500 calories.

And if you keep this up, you’ll lose weight, and results should be evident within 3 to 4 weeks.

Of course, treadmills cost a bit more than the other fitness equipment mentioned above.

However, there are also good-quality treadmills that cost $1000 or less. Foldable treadmills or walking pads are also great options to save space.

This article on treadmill price categories might help you decide which model fits your needs and budget.


With so many gym equipment options, even beginners won’t have trouble creating their ideal workout space at home.

Just remember to start small and build up your home gym gradually.

Also, invest in equipment you’ll enjoy using and help you stay on track.

Do some research before buying. Check reviews and buying guides for product features.

Then, match them up with your fitness goals, budget and space.

Lastly, ask the fitness experts you know. Get some helpful advice to start your healthy lifestyle right.

1. Is exercising at home better than going to the gym?

Setting up a home gym, even in small spaces, is convenient, accessible, practical and safe. Sometimes, work can hinder us from visiting the gym, causing us to put healthier lifestyles in the backseat. And so, home workouts become our next best alternative.

2. How do I set up a home gym with limited space?

Turning a small space into a home gym is easy when you know your fitness goals. You then match those goals with the right equipment or exercise. These small-space workout ideas should help you plan and create your ideal home gym.