Working from home doesn’t mean you can skip your workout routine. Without the everyday commute, usual office interaction or even your short trip to the pantry, you need something to stay active. Here’s an idea. Why not turn your workspace into a makeshift gym? This list of home exercise equipment is perfect for achieving your fitness goals while having a Zoom meeting or beating that deadline!

1. Ab Machine

Who doesn’t want to get a slim waistline or six-pack ab while being productive at work? Aside from being attractive, a strong midsection also improves your posture, breathing and sports performance. It protects you from dreadful back pains, too. Although you can do sit-ups without any equipment, the ab machine helps reduce body stress while doing this exercise.

Health Constitution_Fitlaya Fitness Abs

  • Top pick: Fitlaya Fitness Abs Exercise Equipment
  • Best for: burning calories and belly fat, body shaping and toning, muscle building
  • Why we like it: This heavy-duty home exercise equipment will give you not only a strong core but also toned arm and leg muscles. With a slight change in position, you can do cycling, push-ups, scissor kicks and bridges with one ab trainer. You can even adjust its three-level resistance settings to step up your exercise routine. It comes with resistance bands, too – perfect for strengthening your upper body. Once done, this space-efficient fitness wonder is easy to stash away!

Are you looking for other exercise equipment to strengthen your core? Consider a rowing machine!

2. Portable Home Gym

Portable home gyms are compact, lightweight and noise-free, making them ideal home exercise equipment. The stationary traditional home gyms are great too but they can be too large and bulky for gifting.

Despite the portable home gyms being relatively affordable, these let you perform a variety of exercises. If you like working out in the garden one day and in your living room next, this portable equipment is for you!

Health Constitution_Lewin Fitness Platform

  • Top pick: Lewin Fitness Platform
  • Best for: Pilates exercises, resistance training, body shaping and toning, full-body workout
  • Why we like it: This portable gym has 30 levels of resistance to suit all fitness types, from beginner to advanced. Plus, with the attachments included, you can perform hundreds of exercises with one piece of equipment. That means you can have a workout routine while taking a break and never get bored! But the best part is, you can transform its platform into a balance board. This feature suits people using standing desks who give completed work tasks and toned muscles equal footing.

If you need to know more about portable home gyms, check out our buying guide! For other options, the Everfit Vibration Machine with resistance bands is a great choice. You can read our full review for it here.

3. Under-Desk Exercise Bike

No time to stop typing or receiving phone calls? An under-desk bike is what you need. With this home exercise equipment, you can get your much-needed leg workout while getting office work done. It fits most under-desk spaces. And it doesn’t require any complicated assembly either. It’s an excellent alternative for remote workers and cycling enthusiasts looking for machines more affordable than stationary bikes.

Health Constitution_DeskCycle Under Desk Exercise Bike

  • Top pick: DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser
  • Best for: building muscle endurance, cardio fitness, boosting mood and energy, multi-tasking
  • Why we like it: This desk bike suits all ages and fitness levels plus lets you do other things while working out. What’s more, it has eight calibrated settings and an LCD screen to monitor your progress. The pedals also come with a patented magnetic resistance mechanism. That means you can pedal away and get through that online board meeting without making a racket!

The Lifespan Fitness WalkingPad PRO Treadmill is another excellent under-desk exercise equipment. It’s also one of our top treadmills under $1000!

4. Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells do not get as much limelight as barbells when it comes to strength and muscle building. But they have several distinct advantages, especially for people who work from home. For instance, they are safer to use if you’re training alone. These allow more freedom of movement and exercise variety, too. With adjustable dumbbells, you don’t have to buy additional weights either, which means less clutter.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

  • Top pick: ATIVAFIT Single Adjustable Dumbbell (12.5kg)
  • Best for: circuit and strength training, muscle growth and stability, arm and leg workouts
  • Why we like it: We love the smooth contours of this adjustable dumbbell and its soft but secure grip handle. With this item, you can tone your body with a wide range of weight settings, from 2kg to 12.5kg. It’s safe, compact and ready to use when you feel like working out in between desk jobs. Oh, if you want to adjust it, set the dumbbell on the platform, slide the dial to select the weight then lift. The smart system automatically picks up the right plates for you and locks them into place!

If you’re wondering whether this fitness equipment is for you, our adjustable dumbbell reviews and buying guide can help you decide.

5. Ankle Weights

Here’s another home exercise equipment that lets you stretch your muscles even while sitting down. Ankle weights work like your dumbbells, but these are hands-free! With these strapped to your legs, you can grab a snack or go to the bathroom while simultaneously burning calories and toning your muscles. It’s an affordable and compact device that can level up your yoga, Pilates, dance and aerobic routines, too.

Health Constitution_CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights

  • Top pick: CAP Barbell Adjustable Ankle Weights (9kg pair)
  • Best for: body shaping and toning, muscle and stamina building, multi-tasking
  • Why we like it: Compared with other similar products, this one is adjustable and has a wide range of weight settings, so you won’t have to spend on upgrades. You can securely strap them to your wrists, too. The external pockets also let you adjust their weight without taking them off. These versatile ankle weights will suit your standing desk for work or your morning walks every weekend for sure!

Make sure to wear and use ankle weights properly to avoid body soreness or pains. Vibrating foam rollers can help ease muscle tension before and after a workout.

6. Chin Up Bar

If you’re after getting a fit upper body but don’t have the space for a power rack or home gym, then a chin-up bar is the next best thing. The doorway type, in particular, is compact and adjustable to suit most stable doorframes. Some models can also be screwed on to support more weight. And once assembled, you can take a break from work and have a quick muscle stretch anytime!

Health Constitution_Yes4All Doorway Chin Up Bar Home Exercise Equipment

  • Top pick: Yes4All Doorway Chin Up Bar
  • Best for: upper body muscle strengthening, chin-ups, triceps dips, pull-ups
  • Why we like it: This heavy-gauge equipment is easy to assemble. Thanks to its smartly engineered doorframe guards, you can attach it to your door without any drilling required. With five padded grip positions, you can do various upper body exercises comfortably and safely. You can also transfer the bar to the floor then adhere it to your doorway to perform push-ups and sit-ups.

There are several other types of chin-up bars to suit varying user needs. Some can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, while others are freestanding. You can learn more about them from our buying guide.

7. Planking Board or Pad

Planking is a bodyweight exercise that’s excellent for your core muscles. It can also improve your posture, balance and flexibility. While you can do this without any home exercise equipment, a planking board makes it more dynamic. This equipment has a flexible base so you can shift to various directions and target other muscle groups.

Health Constitution_Stealth Core Trainer Home Exercise Equipment

  • Top pick: Stealth Core Trainer
  • Best for: core muscle strengthening, full-body workout
  • Why we like it: If you like playing mobile games, this planking board lets you do just that with a total-body workout! This innovative tool works with a free app with four games included. Moving the board using your core strength then acts as your game controller. This way, you can have fun, take your mind off work for a while and stay fit in one go! Now, who says planking is boring?