The thought of spending a few hours running on the treadmill every day to keep a healthy weight can be boring. You go to the gym, run for several miles, then go home.

Doing this exercise every day for a long period of time can make your gym time dull. You need to have something different to look forward to, something that is more challenging.

To add spice to your daily routine, here are some twists in the use of the treadmill to make your exercise more fun and exciting. In fact, you can create hundreds of variations with the use of your treadmill. Here are some of the ways to break the monotony of running on your treadmill. 

1. Alternate Running and Walking

It will not do you much good to keep on running. The best thing to do is to have a mix of running, brisk walking, and jogging, done at regular intervals. 

For example, you can run for 30 seconds, then slow down to a jog for 30 seconds, and do the brisk walk for 30 seconds. This will add variety to your daily workout.

2. Lift Weights While Running

Who says that you cannot use weights while running on your treadmill? Aside from improving your cardio strength, lifting weights while running will help you gain better coordination, balance, speed, and stamina. Raise the weights to shoulder level then waist level while you run. This will help tone the muscles in your arms and your shoulders.

3. Mountain Climbing

The treadmill can be adjusted so that you move like you are climbing an incline. But instead of running, you can scale the floor as if you are going up a mountainside.

Start in the plank position, with your feet firmly placed in the middle of the treadmill. Place your hands on the floor of the machine with your palms down. Use your toes to hold the belt. Then move as if you are climbing a mountain. This will give your other muscles a good workout.

4. Sideways Run

Instead of running forward, do it sideways. Bend your knees as you make several steps to your right side, then to your left. Changing the direction of your body’s movement will give your glutes, hip, and inner and outer thighs a good workout. This will keep the muscles strong and more flexible.

5. Keep Your Body Moving

Instead of running normally, bring your knees higher when you run. Use other motions like hopping on the floor of the treadmill, squatting, pushing-up, and crunching.

Make sure that every time you do these exercises you keep your feet on the treadmill to avoid injuries. Avoid falling on the gym floor. This can be fun and you will be able to target other muscles in your body. 

6. Speed Play

Instead of adjusting the treadmill into a smooth run forward, set the machine to different tracks such as declines, hills, and steep inclines. This means that aside from running, you have to keep watch of the next track.

Climbing a hill or a steep incline will make you use other muscles such as the leg and thigh muscles. The experience can be exciting as you do not know when you have to climb up and climb down. 

7. Sled Car Pull

Switch off the machine then lie on plank position on the treadmill with your feet on the treadmill and your hands on the gym floor. With your abs tight and your belly button sucked into your spine, make running motions. The resistance will give you the feeling that you are pulling a sled car behind you. You need to exert more power in order to do this treadmill exercise. 

8. Long Jumps

Adjust the speed of the machine to one-half of your walking pace. Let yourself be carried by the belt to the end. Once you reach that part of the machine, jump forward, landing in a squat position.

Then, let the belt take you to the end again. Make another jump and land on squat position. You can repeat this workout as many times as you want.

With this variety of movements added to your exercises using the treadmill, you will find it an interesting piece of an exercise machine. You will be excited to return the next day to try some of the new movements that you learned and to perform them perfectly.

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