Spin bikes are excellent machines for weight loss and heart health. They are compact, light and easy to use, too. Still, they are health investments. And so, besides understanding their features, knowing the lifespan of a spin bike is also a must.

On average, spin bikes can last up to 10 years. But some models may have shorter or longer lifespans than this. That’s because several factors can affect machine longevity, such as construction quality and frequency of use.

Let’s identify and know more about these factors. Also, keep reading to learn how to make your spin bike last longer.

Why Do Spin Bikes Break?

Over time, spin bikes will break mainly because of their moving parts.

The friction and tension these components take daily will result in wear and tear.

Moreover, these bikes have electronics in them.

No matter how often you clean them, dust and moisture will eventually affect their performance.

Here are the other factors that usually lead to shorter spin bike lifespan.

Poor machine quality

All exercise machines, including spin bikes, have cheap or budget options. Initially, these models can give you huge savings.

However, their low-quality parts and electronics will naturally break down faster than high-end bikes.

Mid-range to premium spin bikes may have high initial costs. But, in the long run, their more durable components and low maintenance needs can save you money.

Also, manufacturers typically give more research and craftsmanship to expensive gym machines for optimum durability and performance.

But how will you know if a spin bike machine is of good quality?

One way is to check its weight capacity or limit. High-quality construction materials are usually heavy to withstand higher loads and pressure.

Heavy use

Heavy indoor spin cycling routines on a budget bike can shorten its lifespan.

It’s because cheaper bikes have low-quality parts that cannot withstand constant stress that well.

Moreover, affordable bikes are for casual cyclists who plan to exercise once in a while.

Regular users and athletes should go for mid-priced and more expensive models instead.

Limited warranty coverage

Another way to find a spin bike with a long lifespan is to check its warranty.

Spin bike models with extensive or lifetime warranties suggest high quality and longevity.

Premium-grade ones even include warranties for parts and labour.

On the other hand, budget bikes have shorter warranty periods.

Also, these typically come from unknown brands that do not provide accessible customer or after-sales service.

Replacement parts for cheaper bikes are also difficult to find, if not unavailable.

How to Make Spin Bikes Last Longer

How Can I Extend the Lifespan of My Spin Bike?

The lifespan of spin bikes is limited, no matter what we do. Machines do not last forever, after all.

Also, new and improved bikes will eventually replace old models.

But there are ways how you can make the most of your spin bike and keep it in tip-top shape.

Here are a few tips.

1. Research before buying.

Machine weight, load limit, flywheel, drive system, pedals and screen are some spin bike components that indicate quality.

Study these and compare them with other bike models within your price range.

Then choose the spin bike that can support your body type and preferred workout intensity.

Reading buying guides and customer reviews or product ratings also helps.

You can even consult fitness enthusiasts you know and ask them for recommendations.

Make sure to check the warranty, too. I also suggest going for reputable spin bike brands or manufacturers, particularly those with local offices.

2. Have a designated cycling area.

Find a spot that will keep your spin bike away from too much dust and moisture.

It’s best to place it in a separate room, especially if you have little ones at home.

Spin bikes have several moving parts that may be unsafe for kids.

Children improperly playing with them can also lead to accidents or machine damage.

You might want to check your home gym flooring as well. Make sure it is level and not slippery.

Otherwise, the spin bike might wobble during your workout, putting you at unnecessary risk.

A wobbly bike can also make noise or scratch your floor. To solve all these issues, lay a mat underneath your equipment.

A floor mat can keep the area clean plus prolong your spin bike’s lifespan.

3. Clean your bike regularly.

Regular cleaning keeps your spin bike looking brand new. But most importantly, it protects your machine from premature wear.

Dust and sweat are the primary causes of shorter spin bike lifespan. Dust particles can build up inside and affect the bike’s moving parts.

On the other hand, sweat can result in rusty metal and degraded plastic or leather. It can also make your bike smelly and grimy.

So, wipe down your spin bike with a soft, damp cloth or paper towel after each use.

If you want, get a bike with a guard or cover to prevent sweat from dropping onto the drive system.

Also, make it a habit to vacuum the area at least once a week to avoid dust build-up. Check out my exercise bike cleaning checklist to create your schedule.

Spin Bike Flywheel

4. Check and maintain the bike parts.

Before doing this, read your instruction manual first. Take note of the recommended maintenance tools and lubricant so as not to void your warranty.

To be sure, buy the maintenance kit that your manufacturer offers.

Your manual should have complete instructions for maintaining or lubricating your spin bike and how often you should do it.

Some brand websites also offer instructional videos for this.

But make sure you are watching how-to videos that match your spin bike model.

5. Call on the experts when needed.

If you are not a bike repair expert, leave serious machine issues to the pros. They can get your bike up and running in no time.

Plus, asking for professional assistance prevents adding more damage to the bike.


Low-quality parts or improper use and care can shorten the lifespan of spin bikes.

Premature wear and tear result in additional expenses, too. So, research and choose the right exercise bike for your needs.

Also, be ready for long-term and committed machine ownership and maintenance.

1. Can exercise bikes be stored outside?

It’s not a good idea to store your exercise bike outside. Its metal and electronic parts could quickly deteriorate when exposed to weather changes, dust, moisture and other outdoor elements. If you have limited space, a compact and lightweight spin bike should fit in any indoor corner. Also, go for bikes with transport wheels, so you can move them out of the way after working out.

2. Do I need a mat under an exercise bike?

A mat under your exercise bike protects the machine and the flooring. It also improves workout stability and reduces noise. It makes your workout area easier to clean, too.

3. Which exercise bike type is best?

The best exercise bike suits your fitness capacity and goals. For instance, choose a spin or air bike if you prefer intense workouts for weight loss. For beginners, upright bikes offer a more comfortable ride and affordable models with built-in programs. On the other hand, a recumbent bike is better suited for seniors and those with health issues.