Listening to music or playing videos is a pleasant distraction during cycling workouts. It helps you stay focused and motivated throughout. So, does that mean that you should consider exercise bikes with built-in Bluetooth speakers?

Read on to learn more about built-in Bluetooth speakers and what makes them an excellent exercise bike feature.

Why Consider Exercise Bikes with Bluetooth Speakers Over Other Audio Devices

There are many ways to play music and videos during your indoor cycling workout.

You can use your phone, laptop, tablet, or television.

But having built-in Bluetooth speakers in your machine gives you an edge.

1. Decent Sound Quality

Have you tried playing workout music using your phone or tablet?

Sound quality with these devices is not as good as Bluetooth speakers, especially in a big room or open space.

Audio clarity is also better with built-in speakers, considering they are strategically in front of you while working out.

And a clearer audio is best if you often watch trainer-led workouts.

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2. Low Power Consumption

Playing workout music or videos on your mobile devices can quickly drain their batteries, forcing you to charge them often.

With Bluetooth speakers on your exercise bike, you can preserve your phone or tablet battery and use either for other tasks.

Aside from that, Bluetooth generally consumes less energy.

That means you’ll have music or video playing during extended workouts and not worry about running out of battery charge.

Linking Phone to Bluetooth Speaker

3. Ease of Installation and Use

There are no cables or Wi-Fi connection needed to make Bluetooth speakers work.

After setting up your exercise bike, the speakers are also good to go.

All you need is to turn it on, and it will automatically locate and connect to another Bluetooth-enabled device.

Even non-tech-savvy indoor cyclists will have no problem using these built-in speakers.

Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity has security features to protect data shared between devices.

4. Cost-Efficiency

Traditional speakers have a limited purpose. They are expensive and can take up space, too.

On the other hand, built-in Bluetooth speakers are available in mid-range stationary bikes.

That means you can get a good-quality exercise machine with widely supported Bluetooth technology without spending a lot.

You can use the speakers even on your rest or recovery days.

Best of all, they are fuss-free — no cable wiring to conceal or bulky speakers to position next to your indoor bike.

Workout Benefits of Exercise Bikes with Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Built-in speakers are a better option compared with other audio players.

They produce good sound and are easier to use. They are more space, energy, and cost-efficient, too.

But aside from these benefits, Bluetooth speakers can also enhance your cycling workouts.

For instance, they can:

  • Keep your mood and motivation up. Listening to your favourite songs, especially upbeat ones, is one way to feel energised during cycling workouts. Thakare and colleagues (2017) explained in their study that music tempo can boost one’s endurance, encouraging the person to exercise for longer.
  • Take your mind off fatigue. Intense workouts like HIIT cycling can be tiring and mentally challenging. But listening to music or funny podcasts can be your healthy distraction to lessen the stress (Terry et al., 2020) and make time go by faster.
  • Make workouts enjoyable. With your Bluetooth speakers playing your favourite tunes, you can easily create a communal atmosphere at home. You can use music to bond with family, exercise with neighbours, or motivate others to become more active.
Couple Working Out Together at Home


Some think Bluetooth speakers on exercise bikes are mere add-ons you can do without.

But surprisingly, it can benefit you and your cycling workouts in many ways.

Unlike traditional speakers or mobile audio players, built-in Bluetooth speakers are workout-ready.

They produce high-quality sound without taking up space or consuming lots of power.

Even non-techie riders will have no issues linking them with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

And the best part? Bluetooth speakers help you perform better, stay engaged, and enjoy your indoor cycling workouts more.

1. Is wired better than wireless exercise bike computers?

Wired and wireless bike computers display the rider’s workout metrics, like speed, distance, and calories burned. But they also have unique features. Wireless computers are easier to use and encourage workout diversity. On the other hand, wired bikes provide better data accuracy and stable connection. Ultimately, the choice depends on your needs and preferences.

2. What are the benefits of exercise bikes with built-in cooling fans?

With a built-in fan, you feel less hot during exercise and avoid overexerting your body. Protecting your body from overheating, in turn, preserves your indoor cycling power and optimises your workout. An integrated fan keeps you comfortable, too, so you perform your best.

3. Are built-in sensors on exercise bikes better than external heart rate monitors?

Built-in and external heart rate monitors are both functional indoor exercise bike accessories. With either device, you can enjoy effective, diverse, and safe cycling workouts each time. Ideally, choose a monitoring device that suits your workout type and the purpose of using one. For instance, wear a chest strap sensor if you prefer intense cycling workouts. Or, if you’re after more accurate readings, choose electrical-based monitors.