Physical activity and a diet regimen are our usual go-to when we want to shed the extra pound. This duo is undoubtedly the most effective and safest way to lose weight and stay fit.

Your journey, however, requires support. It has to be something to cheer you on while tracking your weight loss progress. In that case, a smart scale is what you need.

Here are the reasons why this tool makes a better slimming partner than your average bathroom scale.

It shows relevant body composition data.

A lot of people fail to keep up with their weight loss plan. That’s because most of us focus on what regular scales show us: our body weight. And when this figure stops budging, we become disheartened and less driven.

But measuring weight loss progress with a digital smart scale works differently through:

  • Multiple body metric display. A digital smart scale measures more than your weight. It can show you other relevant body metrics like BMI (body mass index), body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, water percentage, and other metrics. That means you can easily see the specific body component you need to concentrate on to lose weight.
  • Holistic fitness measurement. At some point in your fitness journey, you may encounter a weight loss plateau. It’s normal, and it only means you need a change in your strategy, like doing HITT, for example. And if you pair this with a smart scale, you’ll see your muscle or bone mass increasing even if your weight remains steady.

Weight Loss Progress Tracking with Smart Scale App

It creates custom and workable goals.

A smart scale is an expert in providing personalised health insights. Our body type is unique, after all, and even our metabolic rate varies.

So, instead of focusing on your weight alone, use a smart scale that can provide you with tailored data aligned to your specific health goals (for example, to measure body fat).

It may even encourage you to design a regimen that works for you rather than stick to generic diets or exercise plans.

Most digital smart scales today work with a partner app. And so, it is even easier to create your quantitative fitness goals, like setting a target body weight within a reasonable time.

You can break your main goal into doable steps to ensure better chances of weight loss progress. Through the app, you can check your weight gain/loss tracking history to see how well you are doing, too.

It keeps you dedicated.

Weight loss requires more than diet and exercise. The most crucial ingredient to success would have to be positive behavioural change or discipline.

It will help you sustain your healthy eating practices and activity level. A smart scale can assist you in developing these all-important healthy habits.

For example, you can use its user-friendly app to remind you to get on the digital scale weekly every morning to check your weight loss progress.

It’s a good habit to follow to get more accurate measurements. Also, checking your weight first thing in the morning is ideal to avoid factors that can cause fluctuations like food intake or water weight.

Monitoring through a digital smart scale lets you know right away if you’re moving away from your weight loss goal. It prompts you to respond proactively through dietary or workout adjustments.

More importantly, it conditions your mind and body on what you have to achieve for yourself every day. All of these attitude developments are vital to sustainable weight loss.

Weight Loss Progress Success

It shows big and small achievements.

Losing weight is a long-term feat. It takes a lot of hard work and willpower. And so, whether you’ve lost half a kilo in the first week or gained muscles the next, every positive development is worth celebrating!

With the help of your smart scale, you can track even minor improvements in your full body composition other than your weight. You may not be able to detect them while looking at your reflection, but a digital smart scale and its numbers don’t lie.


Some think that a smart scale is their enemy. So, it is not surprising why people take it out of the weight-loss equation. But apparently, that is not the case.

If you take the time to understand its functionality and use it correctly, a scale can help us stay on track. It gives a better understanding of your overall health and perhaps, helps achieve weight loss progress faster.

And if we think about it, it can work as our personal trainer and navigator, too. It shows us accurate body measurements beyond our weight, and then gives us objective directions to get to our desired destination and stay healthy.

The best part is your smart scale is like your long-time friend rooting for you all the way!

Are you all pumped up to start your weight loss/weight management plan? My list of top digital smart scales in Australia has the features to match every strategy!