Do you have a bathroom scale at home? Hopefully, it’s not hidden and collecting dust! Checking your weight shouldn’t be such a drag. Nowadays, good health management is more crucial than ever. And if you’re aiming to improve your fitness goals, a smart scale can help you stay on the healthy track. Here are some reasons why you need one.

1. It makes family weight tracking easy.

How do you use your regular bathroom scale? You probably step on it to check your weight, then write it down somewhere. Other family members would probably do the same thing.

However, with a smart weighing scale, the device can take your weight, and then record it through its matching app. This way, you know exactly where to check your progress.

Smart weight scales even take tracking up a notch by recording multiple users’ data. The Withings Body+ Smart Body Scale, for example, can accommodate up to eight users. Through technology, the device can identify each individual using their previous reading.

For a family living a healthy lifestyle, effortless tracking makes it easy to check and support each other’s weight goals. The device can even motivate kids to jump on the fitness bandwagon early!

Does heart disease run in the family? Or perhaps a loved one is suffering from a weight-related issue like diabetes, hypertension or sleep apnea. Weigh-in records on your reliable scale can help physicians evaluate your body’s health status. More importantly, you have the best medical device to keep tabs on your weight and prevent more serious illnesses.

2. It allows pregnancy and baby weight tracking.

Expectant mums need to take note of their body weight gain regularly to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Post-delivery, a weighing scale can help them revert to their ideal weight and check their babies’ growth. In this case, the unique infant or pregnancy mode of the device can come in handy.

Depending on the brand or model, these features allow pregnant women to input their conception date and monitor their weight weekly. Some even allow you to take and save photos to record every development. The QardioBase 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale is one example.

The FitTrack Dara BMI Smart Scale, on the other hand, has an easy-to-use baby mode. Here, mum will have to weigh themselves first, then step back in with her baby. The matching app can help keep track of the baby’s weight even before his regular check-ups!

Health Constitution_Pregnancy Mode on a Smart Scale

3. It gives your fitness routine a specific goal.

A standard scale can only display your weight. And if you have already started on your weight loss routine, your first few weeks are likely to show significant progress. But, soon you’ll reach a point that you are not losing much weight at all. Then you feel frustrated and less motivated to continue.

Its digital counterpart, however, can give you a better explanation of your weight plateau. Thanks to its wide range of health metrics, you can now relate body fat mass or muscle build-up to your fitness progress. It’s an excellent way to realign your weight loss goals according to accurate readings. It also encourages you to keep improving!

For athletes, having a specific goal during training is essential. And a smart digital scale can help you keep track of health metrics that matter to you and your sport. A boxer, for example, can use it to monitor his muscle growth and weight after training.

A bodybuilder can also plan the best exercise programme based on his body mass and subcutaneous fat levels. If you’re a sportsman, look for a unit with an athlete mode to get specific body composition metrics.

4. It usually works with other electronics.

If you love tinkering with all sorts of fitness gadgets and third-party apps, then that’s another reason for techies like you to get a Wi-Fi smart scale. Some devices are even compatible with fitness trackers by Fitbit, Garmin and more.

With a tracker working in sync with your device, you can record your weight and adjust your workouts accordingly. These two devices can also help you with your fitness plan overhaul.

Most of these have a downloadable app, so you can create a user profile and track all data on your smartphone. One excellent option is the RENPHO Rechargeable Smart Scale. Aside from its functional app, it also supports popular fitness apps like Apple Health, Fitbit App and Google Fit.

5. It is way better than ordinary scales.

Smart digital scales can give more than your body weight reading. These can also show your muscle mass, body fat percentage, BMI, bone density, water weight and more. You get all this data on your phone even without seeing a specialist or healthcare provider.

Compared with a regular scale, these innovative devices also boast a lighter and more compact design. The LED digital presentation of figures enhances ease of use, too. All in all, it’s a multipurpose item that several household users can enjoy, making it worth buying.

If you need to get a new smart scale for your fitness arsenal, we’ve got the buying guide and reviews to help!