NordicTrack exercise bike maintenance should be part of your routine if you want long-lasting fitness equipment. Here’s a complete guide you can refer to on top of your instruction manual.

How to Clean Your NordicTrack Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes generally do not need thorough cleaning every day. But a quick clean after use is necessary to prevent dust and sweat build-up.

  1. Turn off and unplug your exercise bike.
  2. Spray moderate amounts of water or disinfectant to a clean, soft cloth. Make sure not to spray the cleaner directly onto the machine to avoid damaging its electronics.
  3. Use the damp cloth to wipe the exterior of your bike, including the seat, pedals, handlebars and accessory tray. Allow the parts to air dry or use a soft towel to wipe them dry.
  4. Most NordicTrack bikes like the Commercial Studio Cycle S22i have touchscreen consoles. So, to avoid damage, use a clean, dry cloth for wiping instead.

How to Store Your NordicTrack Exercise Bike

Proper storage is also part of your NordicTrack exercise bike maintenance. After all, exposure to certain elements can damage your equipment even when not in use.

Here are some reminders to keep in mind.

  • Do not put your exercise bike outside or in any outdoor location. Extreme temperatures or moisture in these areas can potentially damage your machine.
  • Choose an indoor storage place with stable temperatures. Make sure to position it, especially its console, away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep your exercise bike turned off and unplugged when not in use.
  • Wheel your machine somewhere warm if you placed it in a cold place (e.g., garage or shed). Allow it to reach room temperature first before use. Cold temperatures can create condensation inside the bike and damage the electronics if you turn it on immediately.

How to Tighten NordicTrack Bike Parts

Over time, moving parts of your exercise bike like the pedals and drive belt may become loose.

And loose parts can result in many things like squeaking noises, off-balance movements, damaged parts and more.

Ideally, inspect your fitness equipment monthly to avoid costly repairs or premature wear and tear.

  1. Turn off and unplug your exercise bike.
  2. Consult your user manual to identify bolts and screws that need regular inspection. Then, use the recommended tools for tightening.
  3. For missing, worn out or damaged parts, replace them right away. Contact NordicTrack or your supplier for genuine replacement parts (and repair services if needed).
How to Troubleshoot NordicTrack Bike Console Issues

How to Troubleshoot Console Issues

Here’s a list of common console problems you might encounter with your fitness machine.

Add this to your NordicTrack exercise bike maintenance checklist so you can quickly fix them.

My console does not turn on.

Check and plug in the power adapter properly. Your manual should have the contact details for power adapter replacement if necessary.

It is best to use or get a manufacturer-supplier power adapter to avoid further console damage.

My console cannot connect to Wi-Fi or iFit.

The iFit Support page has an extensive list of tutorials and troubleshooting instructions to help.

NordicTrack Australia also has a Live Chat box with a support agent to assist you with this issue.

My console is wobbly. 

Check the back of your console and look for the M8 locknut.

Your manual instructions should have a console diagram of where to find this part.

Tighten it properly to keep your console steady.

My console freezes or does not boot properly.

You need to reset your console to factory default settings. Note that this will erase any custom settings you made previously.

Have another person help you reset, then follow these steps.

  1. Unplug the power adapter.
  2. Look for the small reset opening on the side or back of your console.
  3. Press and hold the reset button using a bent paper clip, then ask the second person to plug in the power adapter. Hold the reset button until the console turns on.
  4. The console should now reset. Once complete, it will turn off, then turn back on. If not, unplug the machine and plug it in again.
  5. Refer to your user manual instructions to restore or change your console settings. Check for firmware updates, too. Console restoration may take a few minutes before it’s ready to use.

How to Adjust the Reed Switch

Why does my console only show zeros? If your speed or distance display is incorrect, your console might need new batteries.

But if your NordicTrack bike model does not require them, check and adjust the reed switch.

Most exercise machines have a reed switch that uses magnet sensors to transmit calories burnt, speed, distance and other information to the console.

When misaligned, the sensors won’t work, and the display you get becomes inaccurate.

  1. Unplug the power adapter.
  2. Look for the upright cover of your exercise bike, then remove its screws to access the reed switch.
  3. Loosen the two clamp screws on the reed switch.
  4. Manually rotate the crank arm until the pulley magnet aligns with the reed switch.
  5. Slide the reed switch towards or away from the magnet, and then tighten the clamp screws to secure.
  6. Plug in the power adapter, and pedal the bike a few times to see if the console display is now correct. Readjust if needed.
  7. Once corrected, reattach its upright cover.

You can check NordicTrack’s instructional video below for more details.

How to Adjust the Drive Belt

If you feel the pedals are slipping while cycling despite having a high resistance setting, your drive belt needs to be adjusted. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Unplug the power adapter.
  2. Remove a few components to access the drive belt. You can start by removing the right pedal using a wrench.
  3. Do the same thing to remove the post knob. Slide the post cover and move it out of the way.
  4. Slide the upright cover up next, and remove the two screws holding its two pieces together.
  5. Locate and remove the bottom screws holding the right-hand shield of your bike. Then, take out the top screws holding the left-hand shield.
  6. Now, slide the right-hand shield up to remove it. To do this, make sure the right crank arm is up.
  7. Loosen the adjustment bolt of the drive belt. Tighten the idler bolt until the drive belt is snug. Turn the crank pulley by hand to check if it is tight enough. Once done, tighten the adjustment bolt.
  8. Finally, slide the right shield cover back into place and reattach the screws removed.

Watch NordicTrack’s video on belt adjustment if you need more assistance.


NordicTrack exercise bike maintenance is not too hard with a step-by-step guide.

It should be easy to do once you get to use and know your fitness machine more.

If you’re just about to get your NordicTrack exercise bike, choose a model that’s easy to clean. Watch cleaning demo videos or check instruction manuals online.

Also, read bike reviews or buying guides to find your heavy-duty but low-maintenance equipment.

1. What do I put under my NordicTrack bike?

A rubber mat with the right thickness is ideal for your exercise bike. It’s durable, water-resistant, non-slip and easy to clean. It suits most surface types and carpeted floors, too. Make sure to get a bike mat size with enough allowance for safe mounting and unmounting.

2. How do I get my NordicTrack serviced?

You can contact NordicTrack Australia through their service/parts phone number. You may also fill out an online request form for on-site equipment servicing.