Riding a stationary bike gives you several health benefits for sure. But you may not be making the most of your machine’s excellent features. Or perhaps, you still can’t decide which exercise bike model is best for you. This compiled list of FAQs on NordicTrack bikes is what you need.

Learn more about the fitness brand and its product range, so you can use or choose your exercise equipment wisely.

1. What are the Types of NordicTrack Exercise Bikes?

Currently, NordicTrack has three exercise bike series: commercial studio, recumbent and upright. Each type has distinct features and designs that cater to specific user needs.

  • Commercial studio. This type recreates the feel and movement of outdoor cycling. Models also come with adjustable multi-grip handlebars and a pair of dumbbells for a full-body workout.
  • Recumbent. Bikes under this range have ergonomic foot pedals and lumbar-supported seats for maximum comfort and support. Recumbent exercise bikes are best for users who want to burn calories without stressing the joints.
  • Upright. An upright exercise bike from NordicTrack has a smaller footprint to suit tight home gym spaces. One of its notable features is the adjustable oversized padded seat for comfortable training.

Check out the NordicTrack Exercise Bike page to know more about the specific bike models under each type.

2. How Much Do NordicTrack Bikes Cost?

In Australia, NordicTrack exercise bike prices range from $799 to $3299. 

Prices depend on bike type. Commercial studio units are currently the most expensive, while upright bikes are more affordable.

All NordicTrack exercise bikes have the following coverages: lifetime frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty and 1-year labour warranty.

A NordicTrack bike purchase also includes a 30-day free iFit Family membership, which auto-renews for a fee unless cancelled in advance.

If you purchase through the NordicTrack Australia website, buyers can opt for interest-free instalments through Zip Pay or PayPal.

Shipping is free within Australian capital cities and major metro areas, too. Currently, delivery to islands is not available, though.

3. Are NordicTrack Bikes Difficult to Set Up?

NordicTrack exercise bikes are relatively easy and quick to assemble. But you need at least two people to do it as some parts are heavy.

Your product manual should have all the instructions to put it together, or you can go to the NordicTrack Support page for assembly videos.

Depending on your bike model, there are several steps to follow, which can take a considerable amount of time.

Alternatively, NordicTrack Australia also offers assembly services to have qualified technicians set the machine up for you.

4. What Height Should I Set My NordicTrack Bike?

To get the ideal height, the top of the bike seat should be in line with your hipbone. 

You can do this by placing your thumb at the side of your hipbone. Then, stand next to the bike seat.

The height is correct if your palm rests flat on the seat surface. Otherwise, you need to adjust it.

If you share your bike with others, remember this height setting to readjust the seat correctly.

The good thing about NordicTrack exercise bikes is that some models have measurement markings on the seat post to make readjustment consistent.

The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Bike is one example.

5. What Technologies Can I Use with My NordicTrack Bike?

NordicTrack exercise bikes are compatible with three technologies: iFit Bluetooth, iFit Coach and Google Maps™. 

Each of this technology adds extra to your indoor cycling experience.

  • iFit Bluetooth. This feature lets you sync your bike console to the iFit app. Once connected, you can check your workout statistics, choose a built-in program, create bike trails, adjust the speed or incline, etc.
  • iFit Coach. This iFit app feature boasts an extensive library of routes to try. Accessing it provides professional coaching, nutrition counselling, personalised training, community support, and more.
  • Google Maps™. This technology lets you cycle anywhere in the world, from the French countryside to the Australian outback, without leaving home. Moreover, NordicTrack bikes automatically respond to your chosen global terrain as if you’re pedalling in the actual location.

Learn more about these technological features through NordicTrack’s iFit page.

6. Do NordicTrack Bikes Work without iFit?

NordicTrack gym equipment, including exercise bikes, can function even without iFit.

You can still use your NordicTrack bike in manual mode and access its limited built-in workouts.

You only need to renew your iFit subscription if you want to access its complete workout library and features.

To use your NordicTrack bike in manual mode, push the Start button, then adjust the settings manually.

Your console should show an oval racetrack or a similar graphic as you work out.

You can also cancel your iFit membership at any time.

7. How Do I Connect My Headphones to My NordicTrack Bike?

Turn on your Bluetooth headphone, then select an iFit workout from your bike console. Tap the Start Workout next, then the Connect to Bluetooth Headphones button. 

The display screen should show a list of devices ready for pairing. Look for your headphone model to connect.

Note that you can find the Connect to Bluetooth Headphones button from various screens of your console. These include the warm-up, cooldown and pause screens.

You can also see this button during your workout by tapping on the screen and making the volume slider appear.

Connecting your Apple AirPods works the same way.

8. Can You Watch Netflix on NordicTrack Bikes?

You can watch Netflix on your exercise bike from a mounted television, tablet or smartphone but not on the iFit tablet. 

Recent iFit updates have long gated users from downloading third-party Android apps like Netflix or YouTube.

In addition, the iFit tablet lacks Google Play Store access and has limited running memory for other streaming services.

Investing in and setting up a second monitor is the best way around it. It’s a safer solution than bypassing the iFit system.

9. How Often Should I Ride My NordicTrack Bike?

Indoor cycling three times a week for 30 to 60 minutes is sufficient to meet minimum exercise requirements. 

Experts agree that it is enough for weight loss, too.

For example, researchers of a 2018 study concluded that this cycling routine leads to reduced body weight.

In 6 weeks, six of the nine overweight and obese women participants also got a lower BMI category.

Another study in 2017 tested the efficacy of this cycling routine for 16 weeks. And the researchers found that bike exercises lower body fat percentage.

They also noted positive improvements in other health markers, like blood sugar and cholesterol.

NordicTrack Indoor Cycling Routine

10. Should I Leave My NordicTrack Bike Plugged into the Outlet?

Always unplug your exercise bike after use. It’s best not to use a power surge strip for it, too.

It’s because the power needs of your indoor bike can vary while in use, depending on its model, size, speed, etc.

A sudden increase in power might cause the surge protector to trip, causing your exercise equipment to stop mid-workout.

So, skip the surge strip and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet to avoid accidents or injury.


NordicTrack is a trustworthy brand for high-quality, safe, durable bikes and other exercise equipment.

Hopefully, this list of FAQs on NordicTrack bikes gave you more information about it and its product range.

If you want to know more, my review on the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Bike features my first-hand experience. Check it out for how-to order details and their assembly service, too.