Cardio workouts are great for keeping one’s body fit and healthy. Unfortunately, most people think they are too tedious, long, and boring. These easy at-home cardio workouts, however, might change your mind.

What makes this list of exercises great is you can complete them in 30 minutes or less. You can also choose a different workout daily for a fun fitness routine.

With these options, there’s little chance for you to feel bored and unmotivated.

So, take the doubt and hesitation out, and let’s do it!

Here are six easy ways to start.

1. Do a 30-Minute Running Workout

If you’re looking for easy at-home cardio workouts, try running on a treadmill at home or outside. This routine requires you to alternate between running and walking.

First, start by jogging for about 3 minutes, then run for 1 minute. Next, slow down to a walk for another 1 minute.

Repeat the routine about six to eight times.

  • Why start a running workout: Running is an effective calorie burner. It’s also an easy exercise you can do with or without equipment.
  • Tips: Jogging in place or stair running is a good alternative for apartment dwellers. If you are not into running, why not try walking 10,000 steps a day to keep healthy? You can also do it using a walking pad or treadmill.
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2. Add Elliptical Training to Your Routine

An elliptical cross trainer is a low-impact fitness machine. So, it’s perfect for your easy at-home cardio workouts.

To start, hop on the elliptical machine and do a 3-minute warm-up. Set the setting to medium or high resistance for about 1 minute. Afterwards, reset it to low resistance for another 1 minute.

See my list of top cross trainers available in Australia if you are looking to buy or upgrade your home fitness equipment.

  • Why start an elliptical workout: An elliptical cross trainer lets you do full-body workouts. The more muscles you work, the more calories you burn. Elliptical training also helps slim your waist by reducing your body fat percentage.
  • Tips: If the workout is too hard, reduce work intervals from a minute to 45 or even 30 seconds. Take as many rest periods as you need. Click on these posts to learn whether a 15-minute or a 20-minute workout on an elliptical is good enough.
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3. Try a Row and Sprint Workout

If you love rowing outdoors, why not do it indoors with a rowing machine?

Now, don’t feel intimidated. Rowing machines are not just for muscle builders.

Even seniors can do indoor rowing for their easy at-home cardio workouts!

Start with an easy rowing session for about 3 minutes to warm up. Afterwards, sprint for about 500 meters, then resume with easy rowing for about 1 minute.

Start sprinting again but up to 400 metres this time, then continue with 1 minute of easy rowing routine.

Reduce the sprint length by 100 metres each time, then alternate it with 1 minute of easy rowing on the rower machine. After the 100-metre sprint and 1-minute easy rowing, end the workout with a 500-metre sprint. Check out my top rowing machine selections in Australia for options.

Woman Using Jump Rope

4. Combine Jumping Rope and Running in One Session

If you’re a distance runner or love running, here’s an easy but levelled-up at-home cardio workout.

Start with a 3-minute jog as a warm-up, then run until you finish a 400-metre distance. Afterwards, take out your jumping rope and complete 300 repetitions.

Run another 400 metres and resume using the jumping rope, but reduce the repetitions by 100.

After finishing 100 jumping repetitions, increase it by 100 units until you reach 300. You can end the workout at this point if you like.

It’s an intense workout. But you are free to adjust it to match your fitness level.

Boost the exercise intensity whenever your body is ready. Add 30 seconds or more after finishing every work interval. You can also cut the jump rope repetitions by half or more.

  • Why start a jumping rope-running workout: Jumping rope encourages footwork training, which enhances running performance. It also improves your posture, which is excellent for better running motion and technique.
  • Tips: Another equally fun alternative to jump rope is to use a rebounder or mini trampoline.

5. Perform a Complete Cardio Workout

This particular routine combines the earlier-mentioned easy at-home cardio workouts. DO NOT try this until you can comfortably do the first workouts.

You can warm up by doing 3-minute jogs or jumping jacks. Then, run for about 1.6 kilometres and do 500-metre rows afterwards.

Do the elliptical climbing unit until you reach 400 metres. Finish this routine with another 1.6-kilometre run.

  • Why start a complete cardio workout: A complete workout keeps your body challenged and gives more health benefits. Also, if you keep doing the same exercises, you’ll observe little to no weight loss progress. We call this fitness plateau.
  • Tips: To make it easier for your body to cope, consider running 800 metres instead. You can also reduce the rowing interval and distance for the elliptical training. Have a rest period of up to 1 minute. Once you get the hang of it, do the regular workout routines.

6. Give Bodyweight Cardio Workout a Go

This cardio workout is perfect for those who want to lose weight.

Start by doing warm-up jogs for about 3 minutes. Follow this up with an 800-metre run or climb on the elliptical machine.

Afterwards, do 20 repetitions of jumping jacks, push-ups, and crunches. Repeat the routine four times.

  • Why start a bodyweight cardio workout: Bodyweight cardio sessions use several muscles in one go, maximising your calorie burn. Using several muscles during exercise mimics how you perform daily activities, too. This effect helps you perform everyday tasks without feeling tired quickly.
  • Tips: This is a challenging workout, but it’s doable. To lighten it up a bit, you can start with two or three circuits first. Add a rest period of up to 1 minute to recover. Then, consider doing push-ups on your knees. You can always do the regular load once you’re ready.

Bottom Line

Staying healthy requires eating right and doing exercises. One way to achieve this fitness regimen is to maintain an active lifestyle through cardio training.

Still, people need motivation to get up and work out.

One way to motivate yourself is to do exercise routines that are easy and quick to follow. Start with simple cardio exercises, then gradually progress to more explosive movements.

Hopefully, this list of easy at-home cardio workouts got you inspired.

More Questions About At-Home Cardio Workouts

1. How many calories do I burn on a treadmill for 30 minutes?

A 30-minute treadmill workout can burn around 350-500 calories, depending on your weight and pace. If you plan to do this for weight loss, remember to do it regularly and complement it with a healthy diet. Also, do treadmill variations or HIIT for continuous progress.

2. How long should seniors use a rowing machine?

Following the Australian Department of Health, seniors can do 30-minute rowing sessions at a moderate pace five days a week. If you like, start with a 10-minute rowing workout once or twice a day. Then, boost your exercise intensity and time when ready.