Cardio workouts are great for keeping one’s body healthy. Unfortunately, not many people do them. They see it the routines as tedious, long, and boring. Many workouts are guilty of that. But here are easy cardio workouts that everyone can do.

You can complete these workouts in less than 30 minutes. There’s little chance that you will get bored since the routines are varied.

You can also choose a different workout every day to keep it interesting and fun. Take the doubt and hesitation out of your mind and just do it. Here are the 6 easy ways.

1. Running Workout

The simplest cardio workout you can do anywhere is running on a treadmill at the comfort of your own home or around your neighbourhood. This routine requires you to alternate between running and walking.  First, start by jogging for about three minutes.

Then run for one minute. Then slow down to a walk for also one minute. Repeat the routine for about eight times and you are done.

2. Elliptical Workout

Start using the elliptical machine with a three-minute warm-up. Set the setting to medium or high resistance for about a minute. Afterwards, reset it to low resistance for a minute.

Repeat the process for about eight times. If the workout is too hard, reduce work intervals from a minute to 45 or even 30 seconds. Take as many rest periods as you need.

3. Row and Sprint Workout

Warm up by doing easy rowing for about three minutes. Afterwards, sprint for about 500 meters then resume easy rowing for about a minute. Start sprinting again but up to 400 meters this time then continue with a minute of easy rowing routine.

Reduce the sprint length by 100 meters each time and then alternate it with a minute of easy rowing on the rower machine. After the hundred-meter sprint and one-minute easy rowing, end the workout with a 500-meter sprint.

4. Jumping Rope-Running Combination

Start with a three-minute jog as a warm-up then run until you finish a quarter mile distance. Afterwards, take out your jumping rope and complete 300 repetitions.

Run another quarter mile and resume using the jumping rope but reduce the repetitions by 100. After finishing 100 jumping repetitions, increase it again by a 100 unit you reach 300. You can end the workout at this time if you like.

This is clearly an intense workout. If the pace is too heavy, you can adjust the workout to make it easier. You can always increase the intensity once your body can cope with the workout. Add 30 seconds or more after finishing every work interval. You can also cut the jump rope repetitions by half or more. 

Another fun yet provides a good cardio workout is to use a rebounder or mini trampoline.

5. Complete Cardio Workout

This particular workout contains all the elements of the earlier mentioned cardio routines. Don’t try this until you can do the first workouts without much difficulty.

You can warm-up by doing 3-minute jogs or jumping jacks. Run for about a mile the 500-meter rows afterward. Do elliptical climbing unit you reach a quarter-mile distance. Finish this routine with another mile run. 

To make it easier for your body to cope, consider running a half mile instead. You can also reduce the rowing interval and distance for the elliptical distance. A rest period of up to a minute is also allowed. Once you get the hang of it, do the normal workout routines. 

6. Bodyweight Cardio Workout

This cardio workout is specially designed for those who want to lose weight. Warm-up jogs for about three minutes. Follow this with a half mile run or climb on the elliptical machine. Afterwards, do 20 repetitions each of jumping jacks, push-ups and crunches. Repeat the routine four times and you are done with the workout.

This is a challenging workout but it’s doable. To lighten it up a bit, you can start with two or three circuits first. Add a rest period of up to one minute to recover. Consider doing push-ups on knees. You can always do the normal load once you’re ready.

Bottom Line

Staying healthy requires eating right and doing exercises. Maintaining an active lifestyle through cardio workouts can greatly help a lot of people today. Still, people need to motivate themselves in order to get up and do the workouts.

One way to motivate them is to introduce them to exercise routines that are easy and quick to follow. These cardio workouts are just a few exciting physical activities available to anyone.

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