Why a Rowing Machine Is an Effective Primary Form of Exercise

The stationary bike used to be the most popular exercise machine in a gym but now the rowing machine is the new king. This equipment has been such in great demand that boutique rowing studios are sprouting everywhere.

The rowing machine deserves this attention as it has been found that working out on an indoor rower targets almost all parts of the body. In the past, most people believed that the equipment is just good for the legs.

Today, however, people have been attesting to how the exercise enabled them to lose more weight than any other workouts. Furthermore, the combination of rowing machine and HIIT is getting more popular as a morning workout.

Reasons Why Rowing Machine Is Effective as Primary Form of Exercise

1. Low Impact Cardio

This exercise is perfect for people who are overweight and those who are not fit for running, jogging, jumping, or climbing.  When you row, there is no pressure placed on your joints. It’s quite different compared to running. 

In fact, people who have had knee injury can benefit from this exercise. Some people are worried that it can cause back injury but as long as you observe the proper posture when rowing, your back will always be safe.

2. Great for Weight Loss

The act of paddling a stationary boat can raise the level of your heart rate and burn more calories than when you are doing other kinds of training.

Those who shifted to this workout attested that they experienced the greatest weight loss in their life when they workout three or four times a week regularly.

3. Ideal for Strengthening the Lower Body

When you use the stationary rower, your legs exert great effort. This is an excellent exercise for the lower part of the body. It helps you build strong legs, thighs, and glutes that enhance your physique and the way your body looks.

4. Excellent for Upper Body Strengthening

The act of rowing involves your arms, back, and shoulders. A strong back is important in order to develop well-toned muscles in the upper part of the body.

This will help you develop an excellent posture and a stronger back. It is good for your biceps, abs, and the hands as it has to grip the oars during the exercise.

5. Increased Endurance

Rowing is also one way of increasing your endurance. Because it improves your cardiovascular function and gives all your muscles all the toning that they need. It can be an exhausting activity but continuous training will help you increase your stamina and improved metabolism.

6. Excellent Aerobic Exercise

Aside from targeting your core muscles, it is also an excellent aerobic exercise and makes you attain overall health. The level of resistance on a rowing machine can be adjusted to meet your target. You can increase it as you go along until you can tackle the maximum resistance level.

7. Easy to Use

The indoor rower is so easy to use that you do not need detailed instructions on how to perform the routine. All you need to do is to sit on the machine, secure your feet on the stirrup, keep your back straight, and start rowing in a smooth way. Adjust the resistance to a low level and increase it every day as you get used to the movement.

8. Convenient Workout

Using the rowing machine is a convenient way of experience the challenge of actual rowing. You can set up one in your home and have your workout without going to the gym and line up in order to get a chance to use the equipment. Its rising popularity has made it one of the most frequently used equipment in the gym.

9. Easy on the Pocket

If you want to have your own indoor rower at home, you can easily find an affordable one. Although some brands can cost a lot, there are those that are just as good at a lower price. If you are planning to engage in this training every day, it will cost you less to buy one than to pay fees in the gym.

10. Fun Way of Exercise

If you have a rower at home, you can invite a friend to row with you. Coordinating your movements as you row can be fun. Set a target every day and aim to hit it. As you hit your target, you will feel good about yourself.

All these prove that the rowing machine is indeed, an effective primary form of exercise.

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