Indoor cycling can be a bit monotonous. But you can avoid this once you sync to the right exercise bike fitness app.

Working out with today’s apps can transport you to real-world routes, let you join virtual races, or enjoy in-studio classes. In turn, you experience diverse and more engaging cycling workouts that help you stick to your routine and keep you progressing.

With so many sophisticated fitness apps available, there’s one cycling app that best suits you for sure.

But the key is to know what it can do and how it can help your cycling performance.

So, to avoid subscribing to the wrong apps, I’ll explain their benefits further and identify factors to look for before installing one.

Also, I’ll list down some of today’s best indoor cycling apps and highlight their pros and cons.

What are the Benefits of Syncing to Exercise Bike Fitness Apps?

Indoor cycling apps are software programs that act as training supplements to help you reach your fitness goals.

These usually need an Internet connection and an electronic device, like tablets or mobile phones, to work.

Most of these apps also require monthly subscriptions for complete and continuous access.

The features of the cycling apps vary, but most would let you record and track your cycling performance through metrics like speed and calories.

Some also have workout programs that you can try for exercise diversity.

More premium cycling apps offer virtual cycling venues and live or on-demand classes.

Is an indoor cycling app necessary to be fit and healthy? Not really.

But there are several ways how it can benefit and enhance your overall training experience.

Benefits of Exercise Bike Fitness Apps

Here are some of them:

  • It makes indoor cycling more versatile. Getting a stationary bike is an investment, and you can make the most of it when you sync it to an exercise bike fitness app. With an app installed, at-home exercise becomes more convenient and flexible. And you can continue to train safely, no matter the time of day or season.
  • It makes indoor cycling more engaging. Riding a stationary bike alone each time can be demotivating. But with the right app, you can join online communities, group rides, or gamified tournaments to spice up your daily workouts. Some apps even have voice chat features to interact with other riders or your instructor.
  • It helps you overcome fitness plateaus. Most fitness apps have advanced features for tracking training progress more objectively. These should let you know when you need to switch up your workouts. And doing this is easy when your indoor training app offers a wide range of cycling programs.
  • It may be more economical than gym sessions. Some indoor cycling apps have trainer-led workouts, similar to a commercial gym or studio. That means, instead of going to the gym or paying for memberships, the right apps can provide the same benefits at a more reasonable cost.

You can probably do without syncing to exercise bike fitness apps.

However, if you are a cycling beginner, these apps can help you ease into a more active lifestyle and stick to it.

They take the guesswork out of workout planning, too.

Experienced riders also benefit from these apps as they make ordinary routines more exciting and challenging.

What Should You Consider Before Syncing to an Exercise Bike Fitness App?

Research is necessary to find the best app for your cycling workouts.

It should be easier to compare fitness apps if you know what features to look for.

Exercise Bike Fitness App Factors to Consider

The next step is to match these features with your fitness needs and preferences.

Some general factors to consider are:

  • Equipment compatibility. Some exercise bike models include a matching app. And in most cases, it’s best to subscribe to that app than install something else. Most programs in that app should work with your equipment, making the riding experience better and more cohesive.
  • Performance metrics. Fitness apps can be very basic or sophisticated, particularly with performance tracking. And the choice depends on what your training plan is and the goal you want to achieve. So, include these in your research, and check how well the app can import, save, and monitor your workout stats.
  • App reviews. First-hand customer feedback is valuable when choosing your cycling app, so make sure to read some. Check what other users like about the app, what makes it different from others, and if there are glitches reported.
  • Free trial periods. Most apps offer free access for a limited period. Take advantage of this offer and use it to test if a full subscription is worth it.
  • Cost. Cycling apps are available in different price categories, so there’s an app for every budget. Some are even accessible for free, but these often have limited features and less than stellar performance. On the other hand, paid apps are more well-designed. They also have regular updates to keep your workout library fresh.

What is the Best Exercise Bike Fitness App to Sync to?

As mentioned, the best fitness cycling app for you should match your needs and preference.

But to help you further, here’s an overview of some popular apps.

Best Indoor Cycling App for Game-Like Racing – Zwift

If your ideal indoor cycling workout involves virtual courses or routes and races with real people in real time, then Zwift is the indoor training app for you.

One of the most popular options, Zwift gives you that gamified racing experience, complete with cartoon-like avatars and customisable terrains.

Compared with similar apps, Zwift has more subscribers, making it the best in terms of community feel.

Platform compatibility: iOS, AndroidIncludes live, solo, group, and race workout modesRequires power meter for optimum cycling experience
Smartwatch compatibility: Apple Watch, Garmin, COROSSuits beginners and prosLimited structured training options
Free trial period: 14 daysFun and engaging 
 Works with both bike trainers and most modern indoor bikes 
iFit App for Indoor Cycling

Best Indoor Cycling App for Complete Training – iFit

Holistic training is not a problem when you have the iFit.

With its unlimited on and off-bike workouts, riders can sync their exercise bikes to this fitness app and enjoy new sessions each time.

Aside from the usual extensive workout library, monthly challenges with rewards, and studio-style classes, iFit also has a unique feature called GlobeTrek.

Under this mode, you can see beautiful beaches, iconic streets, and other breathtaking sceneries while pedalling indoors.

iFit also lets you design your preferred route through Google Maps, so you’ll never run out of unexplored terrains to try.

NordicTrack and ProForm bike owners can also experience automated incline and resistance adjustments during training.

The app also offers a combo deal called iFit+ with a 3-year iFit Family access and a matching exercise machine.

Check out this iFit+ package article to learn more.

Platform compatibility: iOS, AndroidIncludes on and off-bike exercisesTime difference can be an issue with US-based live classes
Smartwatch compatibility: Apple Health, Garmin Connect, Google FitTrainer-led workouts with automated machine adjustments 
Free trial period: 30 daysHigh-quality playlists and videos 
 Has other health options for better sleep quality and nutrition 

Best Indoor Cycling App for Outdoor Ride Simulation – Rouvy

One of the best features of the Rouvy fitness app is its augmented reality routes, where riders can enjoy real-world video footage while cycling.

Like iFit, Rouvy allows custom route creation by uploading personal ride videos or using Google Earth.

And if you also bike outdoors, you can import your data into the app for easier progress monitoring.

Rouvy works with compatible indoor exercise bikes, but you can also use it with non-smart trainers.

You may not access its simulation features with these, though. But you can still enjoy its real-life graphics during training.

Platform compatibility: Windows, iOS, Apple TV (Beta), AndroidAffordable app with a large catalogue of outdoor cycling routesRequires power meter for optimum cycling experience
Free trial period: 14 daysAllows users to join scheduled races and real event routesLimited social interaction
 Includes thousands of structured cycling workouts 
 Offers a mixture of fun and performance 
Exercise Bike Built-in Workouts


Workout duration and intensity are crucial to staying fit and healthy.

But exercise variety and consistency are also equally important.

And one way to add these to your indoor cycling sessions is to sync your exercise bike to a fitness app that suits you.

With the exciting and immersive programs of a cycling app, you can keep your body challenged, skip workout monotony, avoid plateaus, and boost your fitness motivation.

So, when choosing an exercise bike, check if it also comes with a matching app or find an external one that works with your equipment.

Be sure the app has features that meet your needs, preferences, and budget.

Better yet, go for options with trial access to see how best the app works with your training style.

1. Do I need an iFit subscription to make my exercise bike work?

iFit-enabled exercise bikes work with or without the app. They are still functional in manual mode and have a small selection of onboard workouts that you can use. Downloading the iFit app does not affect equipment use at all. But it can significantly boost the workout experience.

2. What is the best exercise bike for syncing with the iFit app?

Currently, NordicTrack, ProForm, and Freemotion are the brands that offer iFit-compatible exercise bikes. The ProForm Studio Bike Pro 22 is worth checking out, particularly if you’re keen on the iFit+ package. You may also check our detailed reviews of the iFit-ready ProForm 8.0 Exercise Bike and NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Bike.

3. Is an exercise bike console necessary?

An exercise bike console lets you access the software built into the machine to make your workouts effective, diverse, or fun. It allows you to monitor crucial cycling workout metrics, too. Some consoles even record multiple user profiles. Cycling exercises can be monotonous, and a console can be a “healthy distraction” to keep you focused and pedalling with gusto.