People are obsessed with figuring out how they can best spend their time to maximize results. This can be done in everyday life, work, as well as your fitness routine.

If you are going to spend 60 minutes working out, what’s the best way to spend them? That leads us to the question: what provides a better workout? Spinning or running?

What Is Spinning?

Spinning is essentially indoor cycling and is an energetic, effective way to burn lots of calories in a short timeframe. Spinning classes, where a group of people cycle together in unison, are very popular these days and can be very intense.

Whether it’s done at home or as a group, spinning is loved by many (and hated by others because of the high-level workout it provides).

What is Running?

Well, running is a pretty self-explanatory workout that we’ve done at one point or another. Whether it’s on the street, on your very own at-home treadmill, or at your local gym, running is the oldest and most basic way to burn calories.

Let’s compare them: Spinning vs Running

What Burns More Calories?

A 30-minute running session on a treadmill at 6mph for a person who weighs 155lb’s will burn around 350 calories.

The same adult can burn about 260 calories in 30-minutes on a Spin bike at a steady pace.

However, all of these numbers highly depend on the level of intensity you put in during your workout. And, while it’s easier to burn more calories while spinning, some people can burn just as many calories while running.

If you want to build muscle, spinning can help you build leg muscles. Many ‘spinners’ have large calf and thigh muscles, which is something appealing to people who want to focus on that part of their body.

What Feels Better?

Some people can find running to be hard on their joints, which makes them prefer spinning. It is gentler on your joints and your entire body because there is no direct impact with a surface.

On the other hand, cycling can be bad for your posture due to the stance you need to be in for long periods of time while on your stationary bike. Spinning can cause tight hips, a bad back, and cramps in your shins.

The Winner is…

The winner is really up to you and depends on what is available to you.

Whatever type of exercise you prefer and will enjoy doing more of is the routine you should choose. It will make you want to exercise more often and put in a better workout, which will allow you to see better results.

Why Not Do Both?

As long as you have access to a treadmill and spin bike, why not run and spin? They both target different areas of the body and can both have their benefits.

At the very least, you should try both of them for a short while to see what type of workout you prefer, what the results look like, and what is more accessible to you.

Spinning and running are both great workouts that can get you in shape quickly and effectively. Have some fun with both and you’ll be in tip-top shape before you know it!

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