6 Foam Roller Back Exercises for Pain Relief

Health Constitution_Effective Foam Roller Back Exercises

Stress, injury and inactivity are the common causes of back pain. Muscle tightness in this area also affects our range of motion and sleep quality. Enter the foam roller to the rescue! This small but effective tool can give you that much-needed relief through self-massage or self-myofascial release. Here’s a list of foam roller back exercises you can do to stretch out those muscle knots.

6 Exercises for Full-Body Vibration Machine Workout

Health Constitution_Vibration Machine Workout Squats

A vibrating plate sends vibrations to your muscles to make them contract and relax more than usual. In turn, you gain the health benefits in half the time. The best results, however, come when you pair this gym equipment with vibration plate exercises. It will be more challenging, of course, so opt to progress gradually. Better yet, start with this mix of moves to create a whole-body vibration machine workout!

6 Tips to Gain Optimum Stationary Biking Benefits

Health Constitution_How to Maximise Stationary Biking Benefits

Adding an exercise bike to your arsenal is an excellent decision. Aside from having access to a low-impact aerobic workout any time, you get a myriad of other stationary biking benefits. These include stress reduction, cardiovascular fitness, longer life expectancy and a healthier, slimmer you! But the key to gaining these advantages is to pedal the right way. Read on and follow these tips to make the most of your equipment.

Power Cage VS Squat Rack: What’s the Difference?

Health Contitution_Power Cage vs Squat Rack

Anyone can safely do barbell exercises at home or in the garage with a power cage or a squat rack. Visually, it’s clear that these two home gym essentials are different. But is one better than the other? And if you plan to purchase either, which gym equipment will work best with your fitness goals, space and budget? Let’s then make decision-making easier by comparing the two!

Muscle Massage Gun: 4 Ways to Get Best Results

Health Constitution_Muscle Massage Gun on Upper Back

Intense workouts may be beneficial for our body and health. However, these can also result in muscle pain and tight spots. Percussive therapy can help avoid this. And you can even do it using a muscle massage gun. This device stimulates blood circulation and breaks up lactic acids to speed up muscle recovery. For optimum effects, here’s how you can get an effective massage and a relaxing experience in one!