Are you easily drawn to a particular brand when buying fitness equipment? I understand this mindset. After all, it’s best to invest in machines from brands you can trust. However, if you’re in a ProForm vs NordicTrack dilemma, which brand should you choose?

We’ve featured some of the best NordicTrack and ProForm treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and rowers on our Reviews page. Both are go-to brands for exercise machines equipped with excellent features and the latest technology.

Choosing between these two is challenging unless we make an in-depth comparison. Let’s zoom in on the nitty-gritty details, focusing on what these fitness brands have in common and what makes them stand out.

ProForm vs NordicTrack: Company Overview

You might be asking why compare these two brands specifically. For one, they are on top of most buyers’ lists when shopping for exercise machines.

Interestingly, aside from popularity, ProForm and NordicTrack are sisters from the same parent company, ICON Fitness, one of the largest businesses in the industry.

Here’s a quick time travel to give you a background on how this sisterhood came to be.

NordicTrack was founded in the 1970s by Edward and Florence Pauls. Both are cross-country ski racers, so they started making a ski machine called Flip Ski under the brand Nordic Jock. Later, they realised their creation was excellent in boosting cardio health, encouraging them to give the company a new name: NordicTrack.

Sometime in 1977, Gary E. Stevenson and Scott Watterson were also working on a fitness company, ProForm, that manufactures trampolines. The company later expanded and started producing other cardio equipment.

A few acquisitions happened in both companies until ICON finally acquired NordicTrack and ProForm in 1998 and 1999, respectively.

ProForm vs NordicTrack: Key Similarities

Given that both brands are now operating under one company, it’s only natural for them to share a few things in common.

Specifically, ProForm and NordicTrack offer the same cardio equipment range and iFit-enabled machines.

Similarities NordicTrack vs ProForm Brands

1. Cardio Equipment Range

ProForm started with trampolines, while NordicTrack initially made ski machines. Later, these brands expanded to cardio equipment production.

Now under ICON Fitness, both have twinning cardio equipment range, which includes treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, and indoor rowers. The brands subdivide each machine category into smaller groups based on an advanced feature or specific market.

For instance, NordicTrack has the C Series treadmills with the unique WhisperQuiet™ design and extra-wide running deck, targeting dedicated home runners.

Similarly, ProForm has the PRO Series treadmills that feature professional-grade construction, incline/decline function, and the ReBound Pro™ deck cushioning.

Their exercise bike, elliptical, and indoor rower product lines also have mini categories, depending on the machine type. For example, both brands produce spin, upright, and recumbent bikes. Their elliptical trainers are also available in different drive mechanisms.

Models under each subgroup also come in varying price points, giving consumers options that fit their budget.

2. iFit-Enabled Machines

Another feature you can enjoy with a ProForm or NordicTrack machine is ICON Fitness’ workout streaming app: the iFit.

Currently, all machines from either brand include a free 30-day iFit access, allowing you to test and experience the app before signing up for a full subscription.

Is subscribing to iFit worth it? I 100% agree that it is a worthwhile long-term investment as it maximises your ProForm or NordicTrack machine, especially those with built-in touchscreens.

Its extensive and constantly growing workout library makes any exercise diverse and extra engaging. With so many trainer-led classes to choose from, there are no boring workouts with this app for sure.

You can even design your scenic route or trail anywhere in the world using its Google Maps function.

Performance tracking is not an issue either since iFit can monitor your workouts in real time and work with compatible monitoring devices.

Another cool thing about this app is it activates the auto-adjustability features of your ProForm or NordicTrack exercise equipment. That means you can focus on pedalling, running, or rowing while the machine automatically takes care of its incline, speed, or resistance settings.

You can also download the iFit app on your mobile device and use its off-machine programs like yoga, Pilates, and strength training. Check out our articles on iFit membership and the new iFit+ package to learn more about this incredible app and its latest offers.

Differences ProForm vs NordicTrack Brands

ProForm vs NordicTrack: Key Differences

Although ProForm and NordicTrack are similar in many ways, ICON Fitness promotes them as two distinct brands.

ProForm has the staple but more affordable machines, while NordicTrack centres on advanced, higher-end equipment.

1. Product Features and Technology

Putting the ProForm vs NordicTrack workout machines in a side-by-side comparison will quickly highlight how different these two brands are.

Take, for example, their screen sizes. NordicTrack machines easily win this aspect with their swivelling 22 to 27-inch touchscreen displays that most ProForm units lack.

Motor power is another crucial point of difference. ProForm machines have motor sizes that suit beginner to average workouts, whereas larger motors of NordicTrack equipment fit frequent and pro-level training.

This motor difference also influences weight capacity, incline/decline function, and noise levels. We highlighted this tendency in our NordicTrack X22i vs ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill review.

In terms of space efficiency, ProForm reigns supreme. Most models under this brand are lighter or more compact than their NordicTrack counterparts.

Moreover, ProForm boasts this unique SpaceSaver design, which gives some of its treadmills and indoor rowers the handy foldable quality.

We saw this distinct feature when we compared the NordicTrack RW900 vs ProForm Pro R10 rowers. Also, the brand’s foldable treadmills put ProForm on the map.

2. Price

Another ProForm vs NordicTrack difference is the brands’ price range.

ProForm is the more affordable brand. In Australia, its machine cost typically is within the budget to mid-range price category, between $1199 and $3999.

On the other hand, NordicTrack is the more expensive brand. Most of its machines fall under the mid-range to high-end price group, between $2299 and $5499.

As mentioned earlier, NordicTrack machines are often more hi-tech, which likely explains their higher cost.

The higher weight capacity and motor power also suggest that its machines can withstand frequent and intense use, hence the price.

Exceptional Service from the Technicians During the Delivery and Assembly of NordicTrack Equipment (The same company did the delivery and assembly for ProForm Equipment as well)

ProForm vs NordicTrack: Which One Should You Get?

Still uncertain which fitness machine brand suits you better? Don’t worry. I made a checklist to match both brands with specific user types.

Choose a ProForm machine if you:

  • prefer high-quality but affordable cardio equipment
  • are on a beginner or intermediate fitness level
  • like foldable or more compact equipment to save space
  • want to balance your upfront equipment cost with an app subscription
  • do not mind smaller touchscreens or lower motor capacity

Choose a NordicTrack machine if you:

  • are willing to spend on hi-tech, premium cardio equipment
  • are on an intermediate or experienced fitness level
  • have space for heavier or bulkier exercise machines
  • will be sharing the cardio machine with other users
  • prefer large touchscreens or powerful motors

Final Thoughts on ProForm vs NordicTrack Brands

This ProForm vs NordicTrack comparison highlighted the similarities and differences between these excellent fitness brands.

While they share the same parent company, equipment range, and app compatibility, these sister brands differ in features and price.

ProForm is your reliable but more budget-friendly brand. NordicTrack is also equally dependable, but its machines have the extra bells and whistles, making them more expensive.

These differences naturally have pros and cons, depending on the users’ needs and purchasing capacity.

One thing is sure, though: you cannot go wrong with either brand.

Any ProForm or NordicTrack machine can help you achieve your fitness goals, and you can make the most of it by ensuring its features, specs, and cost align with your standards.

Questions on NordicTrack and ProForm Equipment

1. What is the difference between NordicTrack and ProForm bikes?

ProForm bikes boast an excellent set of features at a more affordable price. It suits beginner to intermediate riders who are not that particular with hi-tech functions. On the other hand, heavy-duty but more expensive NordicTrack bikes match seasoned cyclists who love intense workouts. Their larger screens and incline/decline functions will surely excite tech-savvy riders. Read our NordicTrack S22i vs ProForm 8.0 bike comparison next for more info.

2. Are NordicTrack treadmills worth buying?

NordicTrack treadmills are worth it if you want feature-packed and heavy-duty exercise machines. Treadmills from this brand usually have large touchscreens and powerful motors, making them suitable for iFit subscribers and experienced runners. These machines are also excellent for sharing with other users. They are typically non-folding and bulky, though. So, make sure to have a sizable space for one. If you’re interested in NordicTrack, check out our X22i Incline Trainer review.

3. Is ProForm a good brand of rowing machine?

ProForm is a good brand of affordable but well-built rowing machines. However, most of the brand’s models have smaller screens and lower weight limits. Still, its indoor rowers are also typically light and foldable, which is ideal for tight spaces and small home gyms. Also, ProForm rowers are iFit-enabled machines – perfect for diverse and more engaging rowing sessions.

4. What are the benefits of the NordicTrack elliptical?

Getting a NordicTrack elliptical machine lets you work out with the immersive programs of the iFit app. Most models from the brand also have the incline function, allowing you to experience diverse elliptical training. NordicTrack elliptical machines also have adjustable strides and resistance levels to optimise your calorie burn and strength-building needs.