Working out at the gym or going to a fitness studio can be challenging in this day and age. For people who are used to working out daily, the COVID-19 crisis is their worst nightmare.

The good news is that you can create a home gym and improvise on workout routines to help you keep fit and further improve your mental and physical wellbeing.

It may be challenging to get a good workout at home considering that it’s also our venue for work and relaxation, but keep in mind that this is only a temporary setup. Making the most out of the available resources and capabilities will turn out great for you over time.

1. Allocate a portion of your garage for a home gym.

Your fitness goals will not be delayed or put on hold if you build your own gym at home. If you have some spare space at the garage, this is the best place to set up a gym.

At the least, you need a 10 x 16 ft. space to perform workout routines effectively. You can install workout at home and equipment without much hassle.

2. An exercise mat is an essential to your home gym.

Gym mats come in many forms and sizes. You can use Yoga mats if you need more support and cushioning while working out, or you may also use thicker and tougher exercise mats that can lessen the impact of weights dropping on the floor.

Gym mats are essential since it protects your floors and also your joints and skin when doing movements that involve touching the floor such as in the case of burpees and pushups.

3. Use a jump rope instead of a treadmill.

Use a jump rope if you do not have enough space or if you aren’t willing to invest thousands of dollars on a treadmill. Jump rope is an excellent alternative as it is inexpensive and does not take up a lot of room in your home gym.

You can control the intensity and speed depending on your skill and slowly progress until you can perform complicated jump rope routines.

This is a good cardio workout that will definitely increase your heart rate and burn a lot of calories.  You also enjoy additional benefits such as improvements in coordination, balance, and agility.

4. Optimise gym use by performing interval exercise routines.

If you have ample space for your gym equipment at home, one way to make sure you are maximising your workout time is by performing interval routines. You can set a time limit on working out on all equipment and executing them in a strategic fashion.

For instance, you can do a series of free weights, burpees, and jump rope workout in 1 minute and do it for 6 sets to complete a short but effective workout routine at home.

5. Make use of resistance bands.

Resistance bands are excellent additions to your home gym. If you don’t like dealing with heavy weights, you can use the bands to add some resistance and use your own weight for strength and conditioning workout routines.

This is also perfect for those who want to perform intense workouts with less stress or impact on the joints. Resistance bands also offer the benefit of being cheaper than conventional dumbbells and occupying a small space in your home gym.

6. Why not dance?

Whether it’s freestyle dancing or a tightly-choregraphed dance routine with your family, you get a good workout from dancing, too. Dancing does many wonders for your health and wellness.

According to studies, dancing can help you lose weight, enhance endurance and flexibility, as well as enhance your mood, too. You can dance with your loved ones during rest days from working out. This is a good way to keep the body active without too much exertion and stress.

So, you see there are many creative and fun ways you can burn calories and stay fit at home. Although it’s a really different experience to exercise at the gym, the effectiveness of workouts largely depends on the dedication and hard work that you put into every routine. Try these fun and stress-free home gym workout ideas with your loved ones today.

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