Fitness enthusiasts usually have healthy habits incorporated within their day, be it a routine morning jog or at-home exercise after work. They have no problem spending considerable time at the gym to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.

And so, what better way to make them feel extra special than to give gifts that support their goals. These fitness gift ideas will surely keep them energised and motivated.

1. Aerobic Stepper

If you and your friends love Zumba, an aerobic stepper can step up those dance moves!

This stationary block gives you all sorts of benefits, including cardio fitness, weight loss, improved balance, and strong legs and core. Doing step aerobics increases the heart rate without hurting the joints. It’s an effective energiser and mood booster, too.

Moreover, it’s one of those fitness gift ideas that work for non-fitness enthusiasts.

Step aerobics is a form of low-impact exercise, and that means anyone can use and benefit from an aerobic stepper. It can help manage blood pressure and sugar levels. It can enhance bone strength for people with osteoporosis.

People with arthritis can reduce joint pain and develop flexibility from at-home step routines, too.

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2. Massage Gun

If you are looking for gifts for runners, gym-goers or weightlifters, a massage gun is a great choice. This tool is one of the most versatile fitness gift ideas that even non-athletes will appreciate.

Muscle recovery is its forte. By giving sore tendons and ligaments a much-needed percussive massage, your friends won’t have to complain about painful spasms and contractions again.

Massage guns typically come with interchangeable attachments that target specific muscle groups. With this in your gym lover’s arsenal, he or she can avoid injuries or recover faster after an intense workout or training.

The tool is perfect for warming up, too. Plus, there’s no need to see and spend for a massage therapist!

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3. Vibrating Foam Roller

For fitness gift ideas less than $200, consider adding vibrating foam rollers to your list. It’s a more affordable alternative to massage guns but just as versatile.

Compared with regular foam rollers, vibrating ones have adjustable settings to prep or cool down the muscles. This useful feature also makes the tool twice as fast and effective for recovery.

I especially like how it works for back pains. All you need is to lie on your back and position the roller under the shoulder blades.

Then roll it towards your head while keeping your glutes off the floor and your neck supported.

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4. Smart Scale

Weight watchers in your life will love fitness gift ideas like a bathroom scale. But why not take it up a notch and impress them with a smart scale?

Aside from helping them keep track of their weight, they also get to know other body metrics like BMI, body fat, water, bone mass and more.

This way, they get a more holistic view of their health status. The best part is, some smart scale models work in sync with smartphones and fitness trackers.

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5. Chin-Up Bar

Here’s a nice present to help your gymnasts and bodybuilding friends with their pull-ups, dips and leg raises. Chin-up bars are compact and multipurpose fitness gift ideas that suit any home.

All you need is a strong door frame for installation. Wall, ceiling, and joist-mounted bars are available, too.

Those with variable grip positions and high load limit are best. With these exercise tools, your mates will have leaner biceps, forearms and back in no time!

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6. Mini Trampoline

Now, here is a fitness gift that will have your lucky recipients jumping for joy, literally. A mini trampoline lets its happy users enjoy a cardio workout through rebounding.

Compared with larger trampolines, mini versions can fit most outdoor or indoor spaces. Some even have collapsible legs for easy storage.

Mini trampolines are firmer, too, so you can bounce better, work up a sweat in half an hour and exercise every part of your body.

Aside from weight loss, this exercise tool stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins and fight diseases. It also improves the body’s coordination, balance, and stress response.

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7. Portable Home Gym

If you think the best fitness gift is one that is all-around and useful even while in quarantine, then a portable home gym fits the bill.

This multipurpose equipment typically comes with a foldable platform, resistance bands, bar and ankle or limb straps.

These accessories allow you to do all sorts of exercises for weight loss, cardio fitness, muscle toning, body shaping, Pilates and more.

Besides exercise variety, portable home gyms are space-efficient and suit people of different fitness levels or needs.

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I hope this list helps with your gift shopping and, perhaps, inspires you to try a new exercise routine.

Oh, and just in case you need something good for the heart, try exercise bikes. They’ll give you the most benefits!

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