A lot of fitness gurus have made videos and programs that don’t need any fitness tool or equipment. But can you believe that you can actually get your dream bod by just relying on your own body?

Sure, you can do push-ups without any fitness equipment. There are even a number of strength training exercises that don’t need anything at all.

All you need is your own body’s weight to help burn fat and tone muscles. But having the right fitness essentials will make all your exercises easier. Besides, fitness essentials aren’t just in the form of gym equipment.

7 Fitness Essentials for Your Next Workout

1. Yoga Mat

If you are planning to exercise at home, then having a yoga mat is a must. There are so many exercises that need you to lie on your back or to lean on the floor in one way or another. Do you really want to be directly touching or lying a germ-infested floor? A lot of people didn’t think so, too.

When you buy a yoga mat, keep in mind to look for a non-slip one. This will help your hands and feet stay in place even if sweat has already trickled onto your mat.

2. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are all the rage in Australia today and rightly so. They help you give a more controlled movement, but at the same time, they challenge a lot of muscles in your body. You can put it on your legs, on your arms, etc.

What’s great about resistance bands is that they’re cheap. If you are looking for tools that will give you a fit body without breaking the bank, then resistance bands are for you.

3. Kettlebells

Next, you have kettlebells. There is some disagreement on whether kettlebells are better than dumbbells. But for the sake of being able to do a lot of different exercises, go for the former.

Kettlebells are great if you want to mix different kinds of exercises. Unlike the dumbbells, kettlebells are fairly easy to carry around. But the challenge here lies in maintaining balance. Because you can lift kettlebells in many different ways, your whole body will also be worked out just by keeping yourself balanced.

4. Running Shoes

Nothing beats cardio when it comes to being overall fit and healthy. Cardio doesn’t only help in weight loss, but it also helps in relaxation and clarity of mind.

Running is highly recommended for everybody because the benefits include a lower risk of depression and nutrients you get from sun exposure.

It’s even more perfect if you get to see Australia’s beautiful landscapes whenever you run. So to get you started, invest in the right running shoes that will help you run properly and lightly.

5. Jump Rope

You will always need a jump rope. Even if you say that it doesn’t seem to help you, a jump rope has a lot of benefits. One of those benefits is improved coordination.

Jump ropes aren’t just physical, they are also mental exercises. You would really need to get your mind in tune with the rhythm of the rope so you can jump continuously.

6. Water Bottle

And while you get excited stocking your home with simple exercise tools, you might want to invest in a high-quality water bottle. A water bottle will save you from getting dehydrated when you work out.

But the best water bottle you can buy is one that keeps your drink warm or cool. Look for bottles that are made of stainless steel and offer at least 5 hours of insulation for your drinks.

7. Fitness Tracker

Lastly, you have the famous fitness tracker. You might think that a fitness tracker is just something that looks nice when you jog but it does more than show you’re health-conscious.

A fitness tracker can count the steps that you take, measure your heart rate, measure the calories you burned, you name it.

The more high-tech fitness trackers can even double up as a smartwatch that can receive calls and play music. How’s that for a wrist band?

While it’s true that you can exercise without equipment at all, these 7 essentials make your workout a lot easier. Plus, they also help make efficient use of the short time that you will be sweating it out.