Having the right gym equipment gives a person the extra motivation to workout. If you have your yoga mat, kettlebells, balance ball, then there’s absolutely no reason to go to the gym anymore.

However, there’s a danger in setting up your own gym at home – you tend to splurge on workout equipment that you don’t need.

In reality, you don’t have to buy all the workout equipment for you to stay fit. In fact, there are many exercises that don’t need anything at all. To save you from overbuying exercise machines and tools here is rundown on what to save and splurge on.

Save: Leg Extension Machine

Leg extension machines sound fancy but you can honestly do away with them. This machine is supposed to strengthen your quads and make them bigger.

However, you are set up in a very awkward position that it places a lot of stress on your knees. Sure you’ll get bigger thighs but you will be hurting your knees in the process.

Another disadvantage for the leg extension machine is that it doesn’t tap any other part of the body except the glutes and the knees. If you want multi-muscle exercises, this one isn’t for you.

Splurge: Resistance Bands with Sample Exercises

With the popularity of resistance training, it’s impossible to not hear about resistance bands. Resistance bands come in different shapes and colors.

The purpose of these simple workout tools is to tone the body using your own body weight. You can use it for different things – stretching, therapy, and resistance training. For an average price of $30, they surely do the trick for weight loss and body toning.

Save: Seated Abs Crunch Machine

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t buy this machine. One is that it reinforces bad posture. If you sit all day with bad posture, chances are you will remain that way when you use the crunch machine.

Two is crunches by themselves are known to strain the lower back which is something you should avoid no matter what your age.

Splurge: Jump Rope

Jump ropes have always been part of any workout routine simply because they give the right amount of cardio blast that will get your heart pumping.

This simple rope even lets you have an efficient workout because it uses a number of muscles. Just a full minute of doing jump ropes can be as effective as a 20-minute low-intensity workout. If you want to splurge on this item, look for a jump rope that you can adjust the length and has a good grip.

Save: Leg Press

The leg press machine is very common in gyms that most people think it’s a necessary equipment. However, trainers suggest swapping a leg press machine for weights that will activate your core and your legs.

This is because leg presses use isolation exercises that target only your legs. If you’re not used to pushing weights using your legs, then this will be difficult to use unless you just push lighter loads which defeats the purpose of challenging your leg muscles.

Splurge: Pull-Up Bar

Looking for a way to build muscle in the arms? Look no further because you have your body weight to thank. With a pull-up bar, you don’t have to invest in a number of dumbbells that you might not use.

Instead, you can just buy a simple and easy to assemble pull-up bar that you can place on walls and doorways. You can even do a variety of exercises like pull-ups, dips, and chin-ups.

Save: Rotating Torso Machine

There’s a lot of bad feedback on the rotating torso machine simply because it is bad for your lower spine. Imagine rotating your whole back to the side using the handlebars while keeping your hips in place.

This is a recipe for a lot of lower back pain. If you want to train your obliques, opt for core exercises that move your torso and hips in the same direction.

Splurge: Balance Ball

And then you have the humble balance ball. The balance ball is just a simple ball that can help challenge your core muscles. Just by sitting on it while you work at home will help activate those abs and encourage belly fat burn.

If you haven’t noticed, most tools here can be bought for less than $50. If you ever feel tempted to buy expensive workout machines, think again.