4 Things Rowing Machines Are Good For

Rowing machines are modern exercise equipment that are perfect for building and toning muscles, aiding in weight loss efforts, and increasing one’s stamina. Many experts in the field of health and fitness actually recommend rowing machines for both upper and lower body workout without causing too much strain on the joints. If you’re wondering what rowing machines are good for, here are 4 things you need to know.

Make You Stronger

Rowing machines simulate the action needed to propel a boat across the water’s surface. The only way to move the boat is to overcome the resistance generated by the water. The faster you row, the greater the resistance, the more your muscles have to work. The more intense the work of the muscles, the stronger they get over time. The beauty of rowing machines is that you’re not only using your arms to ‘row’. You’re also using your legs to push against a part of the exercise equipment. This way, you’re not only strengthening the muscles of your arms but also the muscles of your feet and legs. Overall, this makes you physically stronger. That being said, rowing machines do make you stronger.

Good for Workouts

If you’re into bodybuilding, then you know that the key to effective strength training is the amount of resistance that your body will have to work against. The greater the resistance it is able to conquer, the better it is in the shaping and sculpting of an envious body. That’s where rowing machines can be very beneficial. They are good for workouts because they provide both upper- and lower- body workouts. This is unlike other exercise machines that will only focus on one part of the body.

Good for Optimum Fitness

Rowing machines are good for overall fitness. Not only do they help you build and strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms, they also help you improve your cardiovascular functioning. Unlike other types of resistance training, rowing machines put less stress on the joints so one can still reap the full benefits of a strength training regimen even though he is obese or has joint problems. This helps provide for more optimum fitness for the individual. Rowing machines strengthen the muscles and improve cardiovascular functioning regardless of whether you have an existing health condition or not.

Help in Weight Loss Efforts

Rowing machines are also good for weight loss. On average, a good hour on a rowing machine can net you 600 calories. To give you an idea of just how effective the rowing machine is in helping you with your weight loss efforts, you will have to ride a stationary bike for a full 78 minutes to achieve the same amount of calorie burn; that’s without the involvement of the arms, of course. The good news is that rowing machines help strengthen your muscles which, in turn, help in the more efficient burning of excess calories. This is how you lose weight together with a balanced diet.

As a conclusion, rowing machines are good for making you stronger, for whole-body workouts, for optimum fitness, and for losing weight.