7 Fun Fitness Trends to Keep You Healthy This Spring

In this day and age, working out is no longer just confined to the gym and this means you have many options to stay fit. Every year, there are new fitness trends, which keeps it exciting and new for everyone.

After all, doing the same routine in that boring gym can get old after some time. When spring rolls in, here are the hottest fitness trends to try out in 2018.

1. Boutique Boxing

Boxing is incredibly popular because it offers people much more than just a fitness routine. If you are full of stress at work, family, and other responsibilities, you can literally let it all out on that punching bag.

Tons of new studios are coming out where you can go for boxing, though you can also easily do it at home. If you find that boring, you can also do some strength training and conditioning through classes, which can make it more fun and engaging.

2. Functional Training

Like boxing, functional training is not new, although the recent trend is to focus on enhancing your strength in all types of motion.

This means strengthening your body specifically on the common daily activities like lifting, bending, twisting, pulling, and pushing. In doing so, you are not just fit and healthy, but you also avoid injuries caused by overexertion in any of these normal activities.

While barbells are most commonly used in functional training, medicine balls and resistance bands can also become very big. Weightlifting and other courses on building strength are also becoming more popular.

3. Revved-up Recovery

Past fitness trends like CrossFit and HIIT have made workouts more intense, but this is about to slow down in 2018.

On the other hand, with intelligent programming, of which recovery is a huge part of, fitness goals can be met without needing to be too intense. After all, the high-intensity workout is just one half of the whole, with the other being recovery.

Recovery goes much more than just a 30-second break in between sets. Instead, it includes pauses between exercise, getting active rest, sleep, and myofascial release, too.

4. Going Hot Or Cold

One of the post-workout trends gaining popularity is cryotherapy. Fans believe that the below-freezing temperatures will contribute to faster muscle recovery and will also lessen inflammation because the blood vessels constrict.

This means after working out, blood flow gets improved and you will experience less pain. This is why professional athletes swear by it.

On the other hand, other fitness studios are promoting heat as pain relief and stress reduction. Saunas are being added for those who want to go after their sessions. While there are still no research that proves their effectiveness, the science behind it is sound.

5. 3D Exercise

This trend caters specifically to those who are easily bored with their usual fitness routine. This step is all about immersing in the experience, which means exercising in yoga studios that have sound baths or in spin studios that use virtual reality.

With a little bit of creativity, exercisers will avoid boredom and instead, become motivated throughout the whole workout. With the use of imagery, different tempos, storytelling and even inspiring music, the instructor will give you a unique experience.

In relation to this trend, some fitness studios are beginning to offer live streaming for those who are happy working out at home. This will replace exercise DVDs and allows you to interact with your trainer.

6. Mindful Movement

Meditation is being infused into many kinds of workouts, as a way to improve mental acuity and cognitive function. In doing so, you can focus more on the routine you are doing, as well as allowing you to have a truly personal and quiet moment, which is rare nowadays.

7. Breath Work

Along with learning to be more present, another important step is to focus on the breathing. Breathing classes are important, especially when you are doing specific routines like weightlifting.

By paying attention to when you breathe in and out, you will be able to perform better. While it sounds simple enough, mastering this also takes practice.

Being more focused and purposeful in your fitness routine is the main trend this year, as well as looking at both the active and the recovery part equally. This way, you are able to achieve your goals without overexerting yourself.

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